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Done with the Nuerburgring, on to the next events!

Before that, please take a look at Christoph Hahn and his 6giorni Replica. He gained the official title for "the most beautiful and seasonable race-scooter on the Ring":

On this site you can get a good insight into the current continental sprint series for classic scooters.

The last two seasons, including the Nuerburg Ring (as featured in Scootering), and the events of the ‘Euro-Sccoter-Challenge’, have been huge international successes and aroused a new interest in traditional scooter sprints!

The beauty of the Classic-Scooter-Race series is that the novice as well as the experienced racer gets the opportunity to scoot in as many events as they wish....and most road-going scooters (pre 1978) are suitable. Take a look at some of the rider and machine profiles to get a feel.

Click on the date link to the right for details of the individual events and how to enter. Entry information and forms for the Nurburgring time trial May 13th/14th has been added. Details for other dates will be added soon: please let us know via the newsletter function if you are interested in receiving up-dates.

Please check for more information also Germanscooterforum with a lot of discussions round regulations and preparation.

Use the contact button to enquire about taking part.

Ride safe,

Stefan + Martin + Claus + Christoph + Andy

CSR Dates 2006

13./14. May (CSR) Nuerburgring
24. June(CSC+CSR) Circuit du Mistral, France
12/13. August (CSR) Lelystad NL
25.-27.August (CSR) Dahlemer Binz
1. October (CSR) Nuerburgring

Other Dates for 2006

7. May Viertelmeile in Meinerzhagen
4./5. June Fischereihafenrennen Bremerhaven
16-18. June (ESC) Run&Race Liedolsheim
15./16. July Historic Leipzig
21-23. July 402meter in Marl

19. August Volari CZ, (ESC)
8.-10. September (ESC) Blechkampf

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